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Garry's Mod Freebuild Admin Rules
This needs to be created so people can't say that they don't exist. :3

These are the rules that all admins on our FreeBuild server must obey.

You may only ban a user if the user is prop spamming/crashing server. Otherwise you must give a warning, if they keep doing it kick them, if they rejoin and do it again ban them.

Please use common sense, abuse of any sort and not following these rules is not acceptable on our servers and will result in you losing your admin (I don't care if you payed for it).


  1. Obey the admins that are ranked above you. They tell you to jump, then jump. Respect them and learn to love it.
  2. When banning/kicking a user it MUST be done properly. Example: /kick skylord "Prop spamming even after warning"
  3. Abuse of admin powers first time gets you a warning, if it happens again you will lose your admin.
  4. Ban reasons must be used, and must contain time. !ban james 60 "Ignoring Admin 60mins"
  5. You CANNOT kick players without good cause and without giving warning. 3 Warnings = Lose of admin.
  6. Only admins above your rank can give you a warning. If you are same rank you must report on forums or contact an admin that is higher rank.
  7. You must not ban other admins. There are exceptions to this rule (ex: propspam, mass banning), but use them wisely. You must be able to fully justify, with evidence, any ban. You also may not kick/slay/discipline another admin that is same rank or higher rank. Create an abuse thread if they are abusing.
  8. Being an admin doesn't mean you are above the rules. Your job is to help other players, not be a Minge Bag.
  9. Use common sense (self explanatory).
  10. Always be respectful to the players of the server you reside on. Think of yourself and the customer service rep, your job is to help others and enforce the rules of the server.
  11. TRY to answer to reports.
  12. If an admin needs help dealing with server issues, you HELP them, do not sit by and watch as the admin tries to be everywhere at once, you are an admin as well, and your job is to help others, including other admins when need be.
  13. Don’t spam an admin command, as this tends to annoy others.
  14. Use Evidence when making judgment, don’t just trust someone’s report.
  15. If you wrongfully ban a player, its not the end of the world. Contact a Super Admin and explain the situation.
  16. If you think someone IS hacking, you can only ban them if you ARE a Trusted or Super admin, To do so you HAVE to spectate AND record them before banning (thank Moo for adding this in)
  17. More will be added to this list. So make sure to keep up to date with rules or it may result in you losing your admin.
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Thanks for this Sky.
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