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New Gmod Server! (Steam Community Announcement)
Hello fellow community members!

If you are part of the community and haven't registered to the site, shame on you! Go register: http://www.sithous.com

Thread: http://sithous.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=907

The website is back online and fully functional with registrations open! We have been getting a flock of new members from our new Gmod and other servers. Our community is still active with all our great members since before as well as new additions to the administration.

Most of you are aware that we have a Garry's Mod server now online, but for the rest of you that don't know we just set one up within the last week. It has been getting a good amount of traffic and I have been programming custom scripts for the server. If any of you play Garry's Mod you should go check it out!

The Terraria server is currently offline. This is not permanant. There is some sort of plugin issue causing it to crash every 30 minutes or so. I'm working on getting that all straightened out and also adding a auto-reboot script for the server.

Thanks everyone and I hope to see you guys on the site or in game Wink

[Image: lane_change.gif]
What's the ETA on the Server List page?
Shouts to world peace, and the shit we yearn for.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to earn more.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to hustle.
Forgetting why we love, and all this beautiful struggle.

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