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Transition to 1.4
Since we're making a new world, we need to wrap up the RP scenario in the current world and then prepare for the update. I've changed my skin already to the one I'll be using in the new world. I'll be playing as Steve's brother, Maximilian, who knows what the steves must do to find their leader. Terrance has departed on a religious journey farther north to the home of the frost elves and has left Cobbletorch in the hands of Maximilian. E Village residents may also take part in this story with one of two roles (Also in search of Steve or trying to lead the Notch followers astray). Julietta00 and fireriderx can post their own races' stories below if they wish to have one.

You can post your thoughts below. All steves, stephs, elves, and dwarves may take part in the Cobbletorch RP.
Brilliant I say old chap!
[Image: auolpd1bb91.png]
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- Ohhh, I do the cashier at Wendy's every sat,sun and mon.
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- It's a soft job now.
Story is scheduled to commence on Sunday, September 23 at 5:00 CDT.
Hmmm... What does CDT mean? Oh and I think I have an idea of what my character Meyra will be doing.
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

[Image: h6DEF218C]

CDT = Central Daylight Time. One hour before EST.
Ok, thanks! So... I live in the western US... That will be abooout...
2 pm for me? I think that's it.
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

[Image: h6DEF218C]

3:00 PM PDT.
Whoops I forgot... and I had the wrong time anyways.
Gaaah oh well...
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

[Image: h6DEF218C]

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