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Amp's Vent
Seems everyone else has gotten the chance to, and everyone has their personal problems. Well, if you thought I didn't, you were wrong. Here's my issue:

This girl, Caitlyn.... She's been in town for a little over a month now, and we're pretty good friends. Well, I've known for a while now that she has a crush on me. Well, she used that to her advantage today. Because she knows how sympathetic I am. She was crying for a while BEFORE I got there. By the time I did, though, she knew I was coming. She had been done crying a good bit before I got there, and as soon as she knew I was going to be there, she walked back to the living room, sat on the couch and cried again. She did it to get my sympathy. However, I'm too much of a nice guy to actually blame her for anything. I still don't think what she did was wrong, but, it still upsets me. Either way, I'm not sure how I should handle this, because, in the end, I like Caitlyn. Not in a romantic sense, but the problem is that the people who are currently taking care of her can't take it much longer, and are thinking of sending her back to her parents. Her parents are physically abusive to her, and even left her here to begin with, saying they didn't want her. While I may not be in love with Caitlyn, I would be positively upset if she went back to that hell... I'm not sure what to do, and there isn't much I can do, besides be me. And me is useless right now. I feel like if I say anything to them, they'll just tell me I don't understand. When, I do understand what's happening. Either way, there's more to the story, personal stuff about her I'd rather not share, but other than that, this is it. This was my vent. If you honestly care, leave a reply. Not that it matters anyway...
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woah i dont know what to say thats really kinda dark
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"Am I the only one with out a quote?"
Seems like you're in a predicament. If you don't have a girlfriend already, I say give her a chance. It'll make her happy.
what forim said, don't let her get abused and sent to a foster home.
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

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This is a very specific type of issue that I have trouble relating to. But from what I can tell, she likes you enough to fake-cry multiple times, just to get your sympathy, so she must trust you enough to help her. And you should trust trust yourself too, none of this "And me is useless right now" bullshit.
Shouts to world peace, and the shit we yearn for.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to earn more.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to hustle.
Forgetting why we love, and all this beautiful struggle.
I also have trouble relating to this issue but I hope this helps.

If you do not want Caitlyn sent back, I think you should say something to her current parents that way they know someone cares for her. Ask things like "Put yourself in Caitlyn's shoes and the things she went through... how would you feel about going back there..." or "Caitlyn finally left her hell and has to adapt to this environment, she may not be used to it or know a whole lot of discipline because of her past (no offense or insults intended),please give her some time.". I am not saying to argue with her current parents, but it may alter their mindsets to maybe stall the decision to send Caitlyn back to her abusive parents and give her a chance to redeem herself for whatever reason.

Also, I would suggest maybe calling Caitlyn over to your house or the park or someplace, somewhere away from her current parents to maybe relieve the stress they have if the issue is with her in her residence. And referring to what Forim said, even if you are not romantically in love with her (and YOU don't have a girlfriend), or she is not as beautiful as you would like or her personality is abit crooked, she will change for you. She would even fake-cry to get your sympathy! And it does not have to be romantic, at least she knows you are there for her and she is happy.

If now you two should at least discuss what Caitlyn might need to change for her to have a more likely chance of staying. She might not have had any good friends in her past with her abusive parents because ... well ... they are abusive and nobody likes to meet abusive parents for dinner. Something like having you aboard could make her the happiest person alive. Maybe just having one day of the week where Caitlyn comes over and you two can cook, play games, watch a movie, I don't know... bathe the dogs, draw some pictures... show her your hobbies and things you like to do, etc.

Your instinct might tell you that there is nothing you can do Amp, but you are NOT useless. Hell, you might be her only redemption and doing nothing is not going to help. As much as I hate to say it but... Never say never! Even if you do not want to be entitled or dedicated to Caitlyn, I think you should give her a chance.

I don't mean to be rude or anything or put weights on your shoulders but... you might be her only chance. And what is next .... god, I don't want to think about what Caitlyn might do if you was sent back to hell knowing that someone she cared about and loved was just a breathe away... I know I probably would not want to live...
Don't mess with ANARCHY!

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- MjSpeCter
I suggest (if in some how some way it's okay with them) that you A. Give her a chance as everyone else has said, and B. If at all possible ponder the Q if she could stay with you... just an idea, probably not a good one but still.
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MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- Ohhh, I do the cashier at Wendy's every sat,sun and mon.
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- It's a soft job now.
Okay, probably small detail I should've added in that makes a difference. in contrast to some suggestions, I do, in fact, already have a girlfriend. >.>
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And, there are other parts of the problem that I don't feel I have a right to say. I could really only tell someone I trust near completely, and, there aren't many of you that fall under that category. It's nothing personal and I mean no offense at all, but, I have trust issues for the most part. That being said, I do think I could follow up on time for her to spend time with me. While I may have a girlfriend already, and that could be a little hard explaining under normal circumstances, my girlfriend is very understanding. Caitlyn knows I already have a girlfriend, but, even so, maybe just giving her time to hang out with me will be enough to make her happy. Unsure, but, it's always better than sitting back and doing nothing. Either way, I'll think of something. Thanks to all of you. Would've been nice to have a girl's opinion, too. XD That being said, I'mma call over to the house and hopefully, she is still there. I was out of town for the weekend, so... I may be too late. Dunno. Hopefully, I'm not. I'll make sure to keep ya'll updated if time suits me.

Thanks guys... You rock...
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And Everyone lived happily ever-after. The End. (lock the thread so this can be "The End")
Shouts to world peace, and the shit we yearn for.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to earn more.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to hustle.
Forgetting why we love, and all this beautiful struggle.

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