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Switching back to TDSM (for Terraria)
Hello everyone!

As most of you know our Terraria server currently runs TShock and has been running it for the last few months. TShock was a great idea and all, but has far to many stability issues to continue being our preferred software for hosting on Terraria. I have said for the last month or two that I will switch to TDSM as soon as possible, well the time is here.

Lots of you have heard me brag about how TDSM is far superior to TShock or any other server hosting software for Terraria. The reason I brag is because I started the Sithous Terraria server on TDSM and it was very stable and could support 50+ users without any lag. TShock can barely handle 20 clients before lagging (and usually crashing).

So I am planning on switching the server over either tonight, within the next few days, or next week. But it will be as soon as possible! I already got a test server online and I am tweaking it and getting it ready to go live to the public. As soon as this happens I will make an announcement here on the forums about it. I just wanted to make sure you all know of my plan. All admins will have to re-learn commands and many plugins for TDSM are still in development.

I hope all of you can support us in this switch. I am hoping this is the push to bringing our client base back. I believe the reason for our Terraria server's traffic dropping is because of how stable the server is. No one wants to play for a little while and get disconnected and have to wait for server to come back online. This will not be a problem with TDSM at all.

Anyways, this was a long post and I have to get back to work. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Forgot to note, once we switch back ALL users will have to re-add their Terraria user to their sithous.com account. This is because our database for the other server is completely different then how TDSM stores users. Wont be that big of a deal though.

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I'm used to TSHOCK, More Commands, all Easy, But TDSM is sorta nice when you get used to it.
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

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There are equally as many commands for tdsm and it's easier to use overall.
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Everyone will die one day.
I just plan on deserving it.
/rocket (playername) (damage) I believe
Oh, I think I'll enjoy this ^^

PS:I think I'll be back to play again ^^

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