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Roleplaying is encouraged, but not enforced. However, you must abide by the rules and policies that involve roleplay, regardless of your participation.

The following are rules that you need to consider before joining:

0. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the rules. All rules are subject to change.
1. As on nearly ANY server, block griefing is unacceptable. We take precautions, but cannot stop everything.
2. No whining. I'm serious about this one. Be an adult and deal with problems. Complaining accomplishes nothing.
3a. Administrators may under no circumstance use their special rights to assist themselves or others with anything not admin-related.
3b. Users are not permitted to request an admin action that does not directly benefit the community as a whole.
4. Creating ugly things that litter the server (including straight towers used for climbing or holes drilled straight to bedrock that create a hazard) will be dealt with. This rule also includes building all the way to your borders in your Towny plot (unless approved for a particular build). Make your house in Towny look natural.
5. Certain skins will not be permitted. Preferably, your skin will resemble the race of your nation, but some skins will be tolerated. Examples of intolerable skins include, but are not limited to memes, Minecraft characters, Minecraft scenery, plants, monsters, certain television show characters, etc.
6. Exploiting any aspect of the game or any plugin is punishable by a ban.
7. No hacking, modding, or otherwise doing anything that could be classified as cheating.
8. No vulgarities as defined by any active admins.
9. Using real life blackmail against anyone is punishable by temporary or permanent ban. (Ex: If you kill me, I'll tell 2mac you broke my house to kill me.)
10. Asking to become an admin is punishable.
11. Giving an item to a new, unapproved user is prohibited, as it bypasses our security measures. (Out-of-date rule, but still stands)
12. (AKA Skylar's Policy) OOC chat (or other out-of-character means such as phones or Skype) may not be used to negotiate things that are in-character, including, but not limited to, trading, disputes, war plans, or construction plans.
13. Relentlessly killing another player in a manner that prevents them from playing the game properly is prohibited. (Ex: Killing someone to defend your home is allowed. Killing someone else and preventing them from returning home is not allowed.)

A RULE OF THUMB: If you have to ask if you're allowed to do it, it's probably against the rules.
Added rule 11 on 8.13.2012
This thread closed to posts as of 8.15.2012
Split rule 5 into rules 5a and 5b on 11.29.2012
Added rule 12 on 12.03.2012
Some rules removed, rule 6 (now rule 4) revised, and most rule numbers changed on 12.13.12
Added rule 11 on 2.2.2013
Added rule 12 on 3.3.2013

If you have questions, feel free to ask me through Skype, phone, PM, etc. There is always a way to do these things without using the OOC channel.
Added rule 13 on 3.9.2013

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