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Knights of Skyworld Introduction
This is Chaos332 from GameFAQs and I just wanted to say hi to everybody.
Pit, TaGeR, Infernape, Izuna, Marraphy, Frango, Jacob and Irra, please, add me back xD
3DS FC: 2578 - 3191 - 6757

GO GO GO! Knights of Skyworld!
Thought I'd finally show my face, so to speak, here.

Nice to meet everyone here that I have not met on the GameFAQs board.
Just a question, how will the co-leaders be assinged?
im here to join the clan WOOOOOOOOO
Posted by JacobARF - Today 04:31 PM
Just a question, how will the co-leaders be assinged?

By beating Amp, of course.
I just wanted to say I registered. It's FrangoZoid.
Err, Aren't i In The Clan?
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

[Image: 76561198047427978.png]
So now we wait...a few things though? I do feel that the comment on gfaqs about the clan size had a point. Our 3ds can only hold 100 friends and we have to add everyone. I feel like 20 in each category will be too large. I think anything bigger than 50 total will no longer be a clan but a community. Clans are tightly knit and more serious while a community is just a large crowd of people all playing the same games for fun.
I was actually thinking of that today. For now, I'm cutting the Low-Tier section out, and renaming the Mid-Tier to Low-Tier, and having 18 per group instead. Why? Because, each group will have squads of 3 in it. This makes 6 squads per group, which totals up to 12 in all, add on the one squad between me and the two co-leaders. 13 Squads.
[Image: 76561198037112080.png]

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