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Banning of Sairyu: The lessons to be learned
Yes, there is a post about this already, and it is in the drama section of the forums. But this one is completely different and is not drama, since it will not be up for discussion. This is about how good an example that was of something an admin shouldn't do.

I know what you're thinking: "Well, duh... Of course you don't threaten to crash the server and get past a ban... That's stupid! Durr hurr."

Well, no shit. That's obvious information. But you never really know how you'll act when it comes down to a moment of decision. If YOU had found a way to get past a ban and/or crash the server, would you? We don't know if you would or not. Only you know. We thought Sairyu would make a good admin, and we should've de-opped him a couple months ago back in He was reported a few times for abusing his admin powers, which I can honestly say, he didn't necessarily abuse them, he just used them to their full extent, not in a good way though. He's also very rebellious. And honestly, personally, I think he's a cool dude to talk to now and then. But, this isn't about personal relations, it's about what's best for the server. Which brings me down to a couple of things.

You guys wonder why we run a tight system for gets admin and who doesn't?

Well, this is why. Again, I know what you're probably thinking: "Well, you messed up. Hurr durr." Again, no shit. Everyone messes up now and then. Some people worse than others. This was indeed a very unfortunate mess-up. But, life's all about trial-and-error. So, we made a mistake, it can only help us better ourselves so we don't make the same mistake twice. And, rest assured, we don't intend to. We also run a tight system because... here we go, prepare to have your mind blown... We don't know you! Some of us may know some of you, and we may like you a lot. But we don't always judge on just how nice of a person you are. (Well, some of us don't... :/) We judge on this factor: How much you have contributed to the server, or how much you've helped others/how many things you've done that are bad, or at least, not beneficial at all. And, that's pretty much it for that. It's nothing personal, well, some of it might be, but the majority isn't. It's: What's good for the server?

What does this show us?

Well, it shows that you really don't know people as well as you think you do until it comes down to a moment of decision that could impact your view on them dramatically. And this little incident has shown us that. It also shows that we take things very seriously. Even if he didn't actually plan on following through with his threat, we didn't even give him the chance. I'd rather have not taken the risks either, would you? Finally, it shows us that we do need to keep watch on admins more... I'm gonna be on a lot more now to monitor our admins. I can still only get on from around 4 PM to 8 PM EST, so I need help from the other admins that we know are trustworthy and loyal, or the super admins, who we're almost a hundred percent sure are trustworthy and loyal.

Why does this effect me (You), and why should I care?

Alright, well let's just say that by some chance, he was able to crash the server and get in. Alright, so he'd be able to play before he was supposed to be allowed to again, big deal, right? Wrong. That could just be only a first demonstration of what he could've done. We don't know, which is another reason why he was banned. We don't want to give him the opportunities to fuck with us.

That being said, I hope this taught us ALL a lesson. And let's hope it never happens again.

Thank you~

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