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Can't join Server
Hello. I've got a Problem. After I needed to go out of the Server(couldn't chat anymore or get blocks)I couldn't join anymore. I would be very grateful if somebody could help me. Thanks beforehandSmile
A few things could have happened:
1) Server was down
2) You were banned
3) There is an issue client side (this is the least likely, but possible)
If you don't mind giving us a little more info that would be great. Have you tried to reconnect now?
Yeah. I could rejoin after about half a hour. I think the server was down, because some things I made weren't there when I rejoined(maybe the Server crashed)?
i cant login to play on the server
hey *dark
make a new thread and say that
and you need to know the password you made for your ACC
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i also had a problem i could play on the server as a guest but when i registered i couldnt get on
Please do not bring back old threads, please!
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"Am I the only one with out a quote?"
Yes, you should have made a new thread instead of posting on a 15-month-old thread tommy, but thanks for bringing this to our attention. The first thing you should do is try rejoining later. The server could have been down or your internet could have been slow. The fact that you registered doesn't have any effect on you being able to join the server.

The more you know...
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tommytom15 again dead thread is dead, you need to create a new thread in the propper section, as well as explain what is going on a little better, "I aint no why is it brok" doesnt help us
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