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Admin List
These are the current server admins:

-Skylar (Super Admin | Full control )

Admins that aren't on much:
-DarkLight (Super Admin | Full control)

They are noted by their server prefix and chat color.
[Image: lane_change.gif]
i have not seean valy-kins in a LONG TIME since i last joined server
HELLO!! i am one of the MANY best admins in the terraria server!! server.sithous.com

my name is Bradley if you need help message me!! or any other admins

i try to be a good admin but not be a SUPER mean one i can be funny
but don't try to take my nice-less as an advantage.
New admin! Welcome SKIPPY as a new admin on the server.
[Image: lane_change.gif]
Yeah i havnt seen valy either. Sad I miss her xD
Signature Tongue
Haha xD Sorry for not being on much D; I haven't been much in the mood to play the game. And for some odd reason when I get onto the server, I'm noted as a 'user' I guess that's because I haven't been on much. And for some odd reason I stay on the server for a few, then I get 'timed out' I'm not sure what exactly this means but yeah O_o I'll come around eventually.
I will come randomly, or by request. This is also good for cheaters that try to learn admin times. Tongue

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