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Why you should always use a VPN
Before a couple days ago I didn't bother using a VPN. I thought it was pricey and no point in doing it. After doing research and much more I have come up with some good reasons why to use one and now I wont even browse the internet without one. So here are my reasons why you should use a VPN.

Your ISP logs everything you do
The government passed a law a while back that makes ISPs log everything that happens up to at least 6 months. That means the ISP has every website, IP, and everything that you have ever accessed logged. Using a VPN with an encryption prevents anyone from knowing what you are doing. That includes hackers that are on your local network snooping your traffic.

Many ISP companies are slowing select services
It is known for a fact that Comcast has been limiting their customers connections to Netflix and other services to force money out of the target company. Not only do they do this, but they also force many of their customers all in the same lane for traffic. Using a VPN is like using a back road shortcut to avoid rush hour on the freeway.

Restricted content (Location or firewall)
Have you ever been on YouTube and found a video that isn't available in your area? Or there is some sort of parental firewall that is preventing you from viewing certain pages? You can use a VPN from another country to get around location restricted content and VPNs are completely encrypted allowing you to bypass any sort of filter placed on your internet connection.

The Internet is unsecure
This is brought up a lot and people just blow it off as no big deal. I know this, because I was one of these people. The truth is there are actual people out there that will do anything to find new loop holes in security and other ways to get into your system. If the hacker gets your VPN address and starts brute forcing it, all you do is close your connection and open another one and your IP is changed.

There are even more reasons to use a VPN. I would never check your bank account on your phone or computer without being behind a VPN. I tried a couple VPN companies and found www.privateinternetaccess.com. They have great prices, locations all over the world, FAST servers, and support tons of devices. I have it installed on my work computer running Ubuntu Linux, laptop running Windows, and phone running Android. It works flawlessly.

Also worth noting you can install the VPN on your router to work on your whole network. This can cause issues with hosting game servers, but if you don't care about that then go for it.

Anyways, be safe everyone.
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