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Use old droid phones as security cameras
I have a bunch of old droid phones gathering dust around my house. I don't want them to all be a bunch of expensive paper-weights so I decided to put them to good use. I thought over several ideas and one that peaked my interest was using them as security cameras to keep an eye on the place when I am not around. So lets get started..

Things you will need:
  • Extra droid phone(s).
  • Wireless internet connection.
  • Computer that has the space to store the recorded files.

Now that's taken care of, lets get started:

  1. First, install IP Camera off the Play Store.
  2. Configure the app by setting resolution (recommend 720p max), Login/Password, and the port. Once configured go to the very bottom of the main menu and click "Start Server".
  3. Download either ISpy for Windows or ZoneMinder for ubuntu. Both of these applications let you set up IP Cameras to record when they detect something and to notify you with an image of the detection by email if something happens. Note: ISpy does cost if you want notifications but you can program it to run an exe for free. So you can simply install Python and write a script to email you on alert. In ZoneMinder this will be free.
  4. Open internet browser and browse to the ip of your phone with :8080 appended to it. So if your phone is ip you will go to
    Once there you will view the configuration page for the IP Camera. You want to go to the tap at the top that says "Other viewing method" and click either ZoneMinder or Advanced (for ISpy).
  5. With ZoneMinder it will tell you the config options for connecting. With ISpy you need to use the MJPEG URL like so:
    You will need to modify the url to contain the login/password. So it will look like this for ISpy:
  6. Once you have added the camera:
    For ZoneMinder: Click the number under the Zones section in the table on the home page. From here you can select the area of detection and how sensitive it is.
    For ISpy: You should be able to go to the Motion Detect tab and fiddle with how to detect the motion. I would look through all the tabs make sure you set it up the way you want.
  7. Once the camera is added you will want to configure Zoneminder/ISpy more in-depth. For ZoneMinder hit Options and browse through them all. Google the ones you don't understand. Do the same for ISpy in the settings.
  8. Once all configured you should be able to have it record to your drive whenever it detects something. You can even set it to non-stop record, but I don't recommend this unless you have the HD space to spare.

Anyways guys. I hope you like the tutorial. I have an old phone that probably isn't worth $20 but records better then $50-70 wireless IP cameras. It's pretty neat what you can do when you are resourceful.

Hope you guys like, I'll post some more neat stuff later.

Also just a note: I used ISpy for a good while. I really liked it. But I kept having issues with it using a huge amount of resources. But that was because I was recording 7 cameras around the house in HD. If you are only doing a couple it shouldn't be a big deal. Otherwise I recommend ZoneMinder because it uses a ton less resources and you can connect to it from anywhere as long as you port forward. The same goes for ISpy buy you have to pay for it. I like zoneminder, but there are some things that are lacking, but I'm sure there are plugins for it.
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