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Poll: Which ones did you enjoy/tolerate?
OST 1: The Duel
OST 2: Once Again
OST 3: Assassin's
OST 4: Let's Rock
OST 5: Ryswick Style
OST 6: Vague Words
OST 7: Mission Tmix
OST 8: HardCore
OST 9: X-Fighter
OST 10: Walk Away
Who has time to listen to this?!
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GunZ 'Duel' OSTs
GunZ The Duel was a fancy third-person shooter that I played frequently as a kid. In my opinion the two most notable factors to the game was the stylish clothing and the soundtracks that pumped every moment of gameplay up. Have a listen!

Congrats, you made it to the end of the post. Now hopefully I don't get banned by the moderators. Tongue
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