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Short Story Pt. 1.5: Sci-Fi
Sorry, it's been a while since I posted another part, partly because of school and because I have more written down that typed out at the moment. I realize these drafts have horrible grammical errors, but I got my lovely editor (My gf) working on that so I might release the whole prologue once it's done and edited 'better'. Anyways, if you did not read part one here it is:
(Btw this is a half part because I haven't fully wrote it all yet, I will get that done by tommorow. And remember, these are literally unedited parts. DAT GRAMMAR!)

And here is part 1.5:


The barriers covered up to our waists but we were in full cover when we crouched behind it. The barrier was safe from any form of small arms, explosive, even AP (Armour-piercing) rounds would have a tough time penetrating it. The only thing we would have to worry about is AoE (Area-of-Effect) type weaponry. Let’s just say, the right-wing defense learned that the hard way, unfortunately. Three recruits were forced out of cover by the effects of the plasma grenade and quickly dealt with by the enemy.

‘What the hell are these things? Are they… other people? Rebels?’ I thought as I peeked over to get an idea of how they look. I didn’t think I would find any of them out in the open since they seemed to never get into my vision. “Keep up the pressure, we need ever ounce of strength in every one of you! Don’t pussy out on us now!” Oh yea, now the pressure was on me. ‘Will I ever get the courage to look over this barrier and fire back?’ I thought Sergeant Briggs could be staring at the side of my head right now, but I didn’t care. I had to gather that urge to fight and feel the adrenaline of a real soldier, a deadly warrior, a war-beast, run through my veins. I gripped my gun’s under-sling tighter and thought of my worst feeling. ‘Death? I don’t want to die… but what if they killed my friends?’ I thought. It wasn’t enough. ‘What if these things took my parents? Was it them? Could it be them?’ I didn’t know what to think. I knew where my enemy was. I knew I had to do something about it and the rest of the section was counting on me as much as I was on them. That thought was enough to put my keen eye down the sights and fire.

The Sergeant and some of his recruits took position on the right-wing defense, successfully completing the frontline formation again. He looked somewhat disturbed surprisingly. ‘Maybe he’s never been in this position before’ I thought. Most of us haven’t and it wasn’t one we wanted to be in this soon either.

“This is Sergeant Briggs reporting to the ‘West Gatehouse’. To anyone in the immediate proximity use the ‘alternate fire method’. We need to conserve and hold this section at doors! We will not let our guard down and we will not let it spread!” As he went on, he gradually got louder and louder in the comms. Briggs was always giving us inspirational speeches and boosting our morale even though he would come out at you like a total asshat – at least to fresh-mates – It’s what we call the first-year recruits.

“Sir, they look like… I don’t know what they loo –“
“I don’t give a shit what they look like, smoke ‘em and don’t stop till they are all gone!” The sergeant was frustrated, he did not want us to worry and comments like so would induce fear into our lines – not good.

“Medic! Oh god… medic!” I couldn’t look over initially because I was busy, but it sounded like a frantic, high pitched voice, one I never thought I would here from a man.
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