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How's it been?
I talked with DJSulli a bit over Skype yesterday, and it got me thinking about you guys, so I have some things I'd like you all to discuss in this thread.

First, a bit about me. I've gotten away from gaming since the whole Minecraft deal, so I spend most of my time programming in C++ and Java. When I do game, I try to play free/open-source games that run on Linux (btw I run Arch Linux full time now) like Minetest and OpenSpades.

Now, about my remaining issues with this community. It's gonna get real for a moment. Actually, the following might be a candidate for the drama forum, but the thread as a whole is about me coming back, so bear with me.

There are a total of three people here which I might have some issues with.

Northir: For obvious reasons. He came across to me as someone who only helped the community in exchange for power, which I find unethical on several levels. However, I always understood why Sky let him do what he did, so I left rather than standing up against the administration.

Noms: Had a bad experience toward the end of the Minecraft incident. Not sure how he feels about me anymore. Probably the easiest of these three to resolve.

Avery: I went to visit my (now ex) girlfriend for a week over Christmas break, and I sent messages from HER Skype account to people we knew about the awesome time we were having, and Avery was NOT amused. He'd been put under the impression that we'd long split up, and it caused a lot of drama that week between her and I, but that's not the point. He'd also been given an impression (one that I believe is false) about my personality, and pretty much told me to go die in a fire. I'm pretty sure he's still mad at me, and this one's probably the hardest one to repair, because now that I left her, whenever I look at his username, I think of how it made me feel when we had the falling out.

Other than that, I'm still very happy with everyone here, and I'd like to start doing stuff with you guys again. I still have a good relationship with HDO, who's currently the only person still participating in activities on my own server. Also, I'd like to get to know some of the new people around here (like HawkGirl, who I've seen a few posts from) a little better.

Without starting fights or bringing up specific issues, I'd like to see some responses from the three I've mentioned here (although it's been a while since Avery has been online) about how they feel about me currently and whether or not there's a chance to make amends.

As for everyone else, what would you like to do? I can help people get into programming if they're interested (and also GNU/Linux for that matter), and I can work on projects that people would like for themselves (desktop applications or Minecraft plugins). Let me know what you think!
I think that the drama you had with members of the community would be best addressed if you guys could just make up and forget. Dwelling on it will only create more problems and more drama. I know myself that I hate drama and can't stand for it. I try to stay away from it any way that I can and I recommend all of you do the same. No one is happy with how things turned out, but just got to forgive and forget.

I plan HUGE things for this community. I haven't had tons of time to work on the new site lately, but I plan to get at least a beta up and going within the next 4-6 months. I am considering starting a kick-start to help fund money for the community, but if I did this then I would need HUGE support to make sure we reach the desired goal.

If anyone knows PHP programming or wants to learn and contribute to my code it would be greatly appreciated. We use a pretty advanced framework for the new website called Symfony. I program using software called GIT to control the versions of the website and to make it so anyone that wants to help out can without destroying the master code. I also use a program called trello to keep my ideas and to-do list for the new website in good order. These are both tools that I have brought to my job and work amazing. If anyone wants to try and help I recommend getting a local php server running and downloading some example code and messing around with it. You can learn a lot by messing with other's code and figuring what makes it tick. This is after all how I learned to program and make more money than any of my friends do. I mean, people go to college to learn what I do. I honestly feel that home-taught programmers are way better.

I don't mean to get off topic, I just can use as much help as possible. Even if you can't program and don't want to learn, donating money is a huge help. I do make good money, but at the same time I spend all that money paying bills. Even if you can't donate money, you can help get other people to the community, help get the servers striving (some of them are down, just talk to me about putting them back up) and much more. I will especially need help with kickstarter. We need to get some money flowing to get the whole thing moving.

Deuce, you helped run the minecraft server for a long while. You got a lot of people to join the forums. You did a great job while you were here. Yes, there were times people didn't get a long with you for several reasons. But I honestly feel that the strict policies you had on the minecraft server made it fun to play. Anyone that contributes to this community I have respect for.

And I am sorry to everyone that I haven't been around to do much. I've been stressing about money. I've been working from home to make more money on the side. I was hoping to get a huge raise that didn't fall through. I hope you all understand that I have not forgot about you and I will do everything I can to make sure this community strives. I also need all of you guys to help me do this. So please throw away any drama or feelings you have with the other members and lets all figure out a way to improve this community together. We are stronger as a unit.

I try to be on steam throughout the day. If I am not on steam, I am always on skype. I have to be for my job. So if you need to get a hold of me either skype or steam message me. Please no skype calls though. I cannot talk while at work. If you guys want to arrange some time to voice chat we can work it out, but I need to know a head of time.
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I'm glad you feel that way about my policies. See, one of the things that got me pretty much exiled was the fact that people didn't see my policies as necessary. They saw me as a tyrant for exercising my authority and limiting the users, but in reality, I was doing something that got the server population up to record highs. Levels that were never seen again when I left (reportedly).

To be clear, I don't want my Minecraft authority back. I've had a lot of fun on the sides without that burden, but I'd be happy to contribute ideas to the Minecraft community here and also to help out on the server, being the Linux nerd that I am.

To Sky: I never really got into PHP, but I'm happy that you're using Git. It's my favorite VCS, and I think it's the most powerful stuff out there. Viva la FOSS.
Hey man, what is in the past is in the past, no problems between me and you.
[Image: 76561198051960325.png]
Everyone will die one day.
I just plan on deserving it.
Awesome. Really glad to hear that. I'll PM you my Skype name if you wanna get in contact again.
I don't want to make some paragraphs about a lot of stuff because we had enough of those (I think) So I will make this to the point.

I personally loved 2Mac's server rules because it was challenge... to rebel against them. REALLY FUN! And for the record, everything that was done between me and 2Mac was for fun and potentially a use for the army! (Which means more fun!). If we do something like this again, I don't think anything like it or similar to it would happen again. Besides, I forgot about the incident anyways.

Secondly, the money issue. It's simple. More people, higher chance of loyal people, then more money.
Go to jan 2012 when we had the most activity. Although I don't think we were donating, that's when people were coming, coming to stay and probably would donate. We need the server back, activity on the server back and people to run the server, but not for the money. Always, cause it's fun and we love it! Money will come after.
Also, I personally have been busy with college and girlfriend (and games) but I would get back on terraria or MC or PS2 if we went active again. There is a new game called hearthstone we could run in-house tournaments for, and that can potentially start something up! I know some people here already play it and I personally and my girlfriend love the game. Best of all, it does NOT require running a server 24/7.
And recently the Starcraft 2 Arcade went FREE, so we could do some fun things like Hide n seek, Dota's, tower defenses, The THING, Slender, Hero and units games for fun!

That's all I wanted to say for now. I still think this is the best community and we can start any server back up if we wanted to. I don't see the point of running a community that has no servers active for some months at a time, but Sky has been doing this and he is totally dedicated to keeping us together even with his funds and busy schedule. I think we should too, maybe even for one day a week, we should get together on and build or play games or something!


Don't mess with ANARCHY!

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- MjSpeCter
Agreed 100%. I don't think a Minecraft server like mine will exist again, so I don't get my hopes up for that. I have a lot more fun developing GPL software now. I'll soon start working on the level editor for my game so I can get back to working on it.
*heheheh pokemon is fun why did I ever sto-
Hi how long have you been there o.o

Mj, isn't the anarchy thing a little old? Oh and I have no issue with, well, anyone.
*now where was I*
*oh right poke-
Right. The server thingy situation
I like playing with other people, it's just I get distracted sometimes. Example: Imsai's server which I am definitely whitelisted for but I haven't even opened the game and visited it.

*terraria's updating soon yay*
...Soooo yeah.
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

[Image: h6DEF218C]

Well glad to see this all. Some quick info Deuce, Avery hasnt been on skype, sithous, etc. for a good while now (at least whenever im on, cant say the same for others) and imsai's server (as mell already noted) is already up and running, if wanted request for a whitelist annnnnnnnnnnd boom, minecraft sever fun again Huzzah! Oh and I agree with sky, I dont like drama, and such so lets just forget this stuff (Seriously it's been two years?)

That's pretty much all i have to say and btw sky This'll be far off but when i get a job (15 1/2 right now) I will donate, i plan on getting a job about a year or so from now to get moneys and such to prepare for college (I'll be a junior by then still a long while but it doesnt hurt Tongue) I will donate as much as i can possible to help this stuff out, I could also see if i can get my friends to record on one of the servers with me, but as far as I know, only imsai's sever is up. But it could still help, bring in new people who could potentially stay.

That's my future plan at least for now, who knows, i may get a billion dollars and donate like 100k lol but in all seriousness i will be helping out more soon (or later?)
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MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- Ohhh, I do the cashier at Wendy's every sat,sun and mon.
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- It's a soft job now.
all i know is my milkshakes bring all the boys and girls back to the yard erry tiem
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MjSpecter - 15-11-03:53 -- I just did Wendy's cashier... hard for first time

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