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Poll: Shall we go through with this?
Yes, I like having the advantage of singleplayer items, and i would like this on an alternate server.
No, I want this for the server.
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"Legit Server" Poll
Skylord123 Wrote:Skylord123 - 02-12-19:25 -- I plan on making the terraria server an actual legit server. All characters will be saved server-side. This means you must earn everything inside the server. I feel this will bring more fun to the game. I will implement this in the next week or so.
Yes, i agree, it would bring fun, but i still feel this is a bad idea, many users would be disappointed in seeing that they can't build with items from their singleplayer world.
Nero35 Wrote:Nero35 - 02-12-20:07 -- and i like the idea for this to be on an alternate server.
The idea for an alternate server would be great, it would probably gather more players towards both servers.
But all this is up to us. vote above.
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