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Before anyone yells at me.
The website is back online, but the servers are all still down. Well, besides for Mumble and KF when I bring it up occasionally. This is because the website is being hosted from my home for now. I don't want to pay for the server until I finish the new website. This is because, well, quite frankly we aren't making enough money in donations for me to keep up the site. I'm hoping the new site design and system will fix these issues.

The Mumble server will stay online 24/7 and anyone can join. Mumble is a free program just like Teamspeak and Ventrilo, expect for it hasn't sold out and doesn't require you to pay a third party company to host. I can actually host the server from my home without any issues. The program is open source and now my favorite VOIP software.

And, on an off topic note. HawkGirl and I have started playing Rift. I used to play a couple years ago before my father passed away, and then my guild left to go play star wars or something so I quit. But now that it is free to play (and not a fail pay2win structure) HawkGirl and I have taken a fancy to it. I have created a Sithous guild group on the server Necropolis that anyone can PM me and be invited to it. Please do understand though, we only want serious players that will actually get into it with it.

Oh also, I forgot to mention the Humble Bundle sale going on currently. You should definitely check it out if you haven't: https://www.humblebundle.com/

P.S. If you want to help get the server online faster, please donate. Donations help a ton in helping me pay the bills.
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jokes Big Grin Glad that we have the website back up and running Big Grin
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Why would anyone yell at you? You're hosting the server from HOME.

Just focus on enjoying life and working that web-design gold. :p
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Thats a good point there Raylazor.
You have made us something great skylord and its back up.
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