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What fills you with adrenaline?
As the title says, What fills you with adrenaline? (Within GAMING)?

Your most exciting moment in a game, when you start getting a surge that causes you to get X kills on X game?

Playing as a traitor in Trouble In Terrorist Town is probably the most crazy 'high' I'll probably ever get, my spine, hands, and torso start buzzing and shaking a bit to the point where I have to wrap bandages over my shooting arm to keep feel to it. (I sound like a serial killer right about now. xD)

Eager to find out what gives you the jitters.
[Image: 2rr5206.jpg]
Getting that "Unstoppable" feeling when you go on a tear in an FPS like CoD or CS isn't to bad.
Shouts to world peace, and the shit we yearn for.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to earn more.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to hustle.
Forgetting why we love, and all this beautiful struggle.
Getting an Ubercharge in TF2. Makes me feel unstoppable.
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

[Image: 76561198047427978.png]
Wrecking people in general, in a game.
[Image: auolpd1bb91.png]
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- Ohhh, I do the cashier at Wendy's every sat,sun and mon.
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- It's a soft job now.
(07-12-2013, 11:46 PM)Nero35 Wrote: Getting an Ubercharge in TF2. Makes me feel unstoppable.

xD You ARE unstoppable w/ an ubercharge. With a norm Medi-Gun at any rate.
[Image: 2rr5206.jpg]
TTT, when I'm T, or inno for that matter (It's happened) when I get a load of kills in a row with the deagle headshots..
[Image: war.gif]

[Image: 76561197978204513.png]

MjSpecter - 15-11-03:53 -- I just did Wendy's cashier... hard for first time
When I inevitably crash something into nowhere or everywhere. I can get you where you need to be on a game, I just LOOK like i'm spiraling towards the ground!
When I'm sneaking in a game, and the "seen" indicator pops up, I shit myself everytime. Even more so when they see me before I see them.
[Image: 76561198051960325.png]
Everyone will die one day.
I just plan on deserving it.
When I pick up Adrenaline in L4D2.
[Image: 76561198037112080.png]

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