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Poll: is 2.0 an april fools joke
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6 66.67%
3 33.33%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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minecraft 2.0
I just wanted to know out of the people who read about mojang.com every monday who thinks this is an april fools
I personally think it's an april fools :3
[Image: Rhino-warthog-fruity-pebbles.gif?]

"Am I the only one with out a quote?"
i know but will you please vote i said it was an april fools
or at least most of it
No, it's the truth, Minecraft 2.0 is being released in a few months. Here's some proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
[Image: PDUmXZ6.png]
[Image: lWbyfQH.gif]
Is there a way to change my vote i so want to change it after that video!!!!!!!
(04-01-2013, 09:38 PM)wardspan Wrote: Is there a way to change my vote i so want to change it after that video!!!!!!!

I can change it, hang on.
[Image: PDUmXZ6.png]
[Image: lWbyfQH.gif]
wait you know i was being sarcastic
rick astley really
JOKES ON YOU I LOVE THIS SONG. Now back on topic, I don't think it will be released anytime soon, but who knows.
[Image: 76561198051960325.png]
Everyone will die one day.
I just plan on deserving it.
i dont think super hostile will be added though because if they do than everyone on the server is going to die horribly

because if you watch vechs than he shows the super hostile thing and its always on even in peaceful
It's obviously an april fool joke, I mean, "super hostile"? Minecraft is Mine and Craft, not fight fight fight. If it was then it would be called Fightcraft or something like that.
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

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