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Nether Mod Failure
While in the Nether i noticed these bugs:
1. Creepers that got in through portals can explode, and break things.
2. You drop items upon death.
The Plugins on the server are supposed to prevent these, but in the nether, the plugins fail.
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

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I think we need to quickly spawn in a command block and have keep inventory on death true instead of have a plugin to do it for us
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"Am I the only one with out a quote?"
The mechanics that control block destruction and item drops are not plugins. They are part of the default game and I manually set it up to be more dangerous in the nether. This is not a bug, this is intended. Sorry for the confusion.
that seems kinda unfair, making it harder and NOT warning people.
Just a heads up, might wanna warn peeps next time you do something similar.
It could save lives :o
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

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Do you have a plan for warning people? I can't put a sign in front of every nether portal...
I just had in mind a forum post with the mods on it...
Like, what is in the server and a brief introduction to harder stuff, such as the Heroes plugin we used to have.
Lol signs would be hard.
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

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But the items drops are not a mod; they are part of the default game. You can do a lot of new things in these newer updates.
Hmm, good point.
I dunno, maybe it would be better just to let people figure it out for themselves.
thinking hurts sometimes.
I'm not a real bird.
don't tell anyone D:

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