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An Advisory for Newly Joining Players
For those of you just joining, it's important that you know what's going on in the server you're joining.

For any new player, it is easy to believe that this server is a server full of friends just having fun playing Minecraft. And you're right! Everyone here at Sithous is friends with everyone else. But within Minecraft, there are conflicts that can drastically alter your Minecraft experience at Sithous if you don't know what's going on.

The players MjSpeCter and mellisia have started a rebellion against ordered society. There are other towns that support order. Two of those are Falconport City, which is the most populated, and and Arbyora-Morgschka, a more isolated establishment. Below, I'll outline a little about each side.

By joining the rebellion, you represent lawlessness and anarchy, and seek only to make others' lives harder by being a blight on society. Benefits include a lack of rules and typically getting away with crimes. Drawbacks include harsher punishment for crimes, inability to reside in cities, a constant threat on your life, and difficulty in making trade with city dwellers.

By joining society, you represent order, justice, and glory. Benefits include ease in finding jobs, lower insurance prices, more opportunities to thrive, armies to join, business opportunities, and more allies. Drawbacks include risk of trolling by the rebels, being ambushed, being easily punished for crime, but not so harshly, and your home being easily found.

There is a third option to stay within the region in which you spawned and start your own group there. If you make a group, you have a choice of having order, anarchy, or being isolated from other groups.

If you have questions, just ask.

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