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A new spawn method?
I recently ran across a plugin called Population Density.

Essentially, this plugin disables the natural spawning method and invisibly breaks the world into 400x400 regions. It scans these regions for resources, and if it is habitable, new players can spawn in that region. It also gives the regions unique names so that players can identify where they are.

The goal of the plugin is to prevent players from concentrating at the natural spawn point, mining up all of its resources, and the area being dead. I tested it on my private server, and it seems to work quite well. It comes default with the ability to teleport from region to region, but I'm not sure if I want to add that capability.

Let me know what you think below and in the poll!
Greatest minecraft idea ever.

[Image: auolpd1bb91.png]
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Personally, I love the idea for this mod. It sounds like something interesting and definitely realistic to put into the game! Besides, if it does turn out to be terrible (spoiler alert it probably won't) we can always just uninstall. c:
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I'm going to install this plugin and see what happens. If it's disastrous, we'll remove it ASAP.
Plugin successfully installed. Set up 3 regions. More will generate automatically over time. If you'd like your a custom region name where you live, ask me in private.

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