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For a while now I get stressed about stupid stuff and can't play much because I ether feel sick at my stomach or am to depressed to get out of bed..... I am home schooled for many reasons and my mom pressures me to get straight "A's" and she threatens that I will be put back into public school if I don't. Its hard to work and get good grades when I have that on my mind. She also comes down at 10 o'clock and makes me set my alarm; and when I am not in bed by 10 or eleven she will get angry and say "You are the worst kid, I can't deal with this shit." and walks away. I try my best to get good grades but its hard when some of my classes are college type courses and ah!!.. I usually ignore her and just do my work or just go back to playing the game I was playing but shes so bipolar its not even funny. I am also depressed because my family always makes comments on the clothes I ware and when I told them I was gay they didn't talk to me for months... They are very God oriented and they think homosexuality is a illness... I have been to many shrinks and it is not fun.. They always tell me "You're family will get used to this news and except you the way you are". Yeah..Right... But turning 18 and graduating next year will be great. Shit I have a scholarship already.. And I know my plane for college, its just counting the days till I am out of hell and into a haven...And more time for me and playing games and college stuff...
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Okay so. First, how old are you?
Fuck what your parents think,if you like guys you like guys, are you even Christian?
I could give different responses but I need to know how old you are.
Nevermind. Just saw you were 17.
So, As I said fuck what your parents think, you're your own man and can be whoever you god damn want to be.
My mother is also bipolar and a drinks. All I can say is to hang in there bud.
I can tell you're going to be an asset to Sithous. Enjoy your stay.
Thanks, also I am 18 but thanks for the reply. I think I am gonna like this community a lot.
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I would've never guessed that yesterday, you pretty damn cool though.
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MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- Ohhh, I do the cashier at Wendy's every sat,sun and mon.
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- It's a soft job now.
you cant fear what your family thinks of you, and if you cant help it, Own your fear, or it will own you.

Sexuality is an interesting topic, personally i love the female body my god do i love the female body but i feel it isnt always about appearance, ive noticed most gay people are only initially attracted by appearance but quickly move into a more personal attraction based more on personality instead of most straight people being attracted by appearance for a lot longer instead of days or weeks, it seems to be months or years, and those relationships are hardly ever worth it.

Bonds you make with friends are sometimes more important than bonds with family, because the older you get the more you will need your friends, dont let the barriers in lifestyle or geography break those bonds, your family will come around and if they dont, then can you really consider them family, after all family is supposed to be there for you no matter what.
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MjSpecter - 15-11-03:53 -- I just did Wendy's cashier... hard for first time
Thanks for the reply, it's good to know that people care in a community that I just joined a few days ago. I know now that I am going to like it here.
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Oh yeah, You are.
I believe I should toss my two cents in.

While I may not be experiencing exactly what you're going through, I do have a similar problem with getting easily depressed and stressed out. I've rarely shared why with anyone but the owner here. Occasionally other SuperAdmins, and a select few of the normal admins. Now, that is beside the point.

About your sexuality. I understand, to a point. I, personally, am bisexual. However, I currently have a girlfriend. I'm happy with her, but I have had a boyfriend in the past. So, I'm not one-sided. I get it. My family didn't want to accept this about me for the longest time, until finally, I decided to speak my mind about everything. They listened, and understood what I said. I don't speak my mind often, but when I do, it's powerful. And I'm glad it was able to help them with their way of thinking. Now... I guess what I'm saying is for you to speak your mind. Tell them as much as you possibly can, so they have a better understanding of you. Tell your mother about how when she says those things, you don't take it too well.

I understand that could be potentially difficult, but sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. IF I had never said anything about what was wrong with my life... I probably wouldn't be laying here in my bed right now, telling you this. I would have let all the pain just build up inside me and eventually, I would let it all out, by taking my life. I know that's a little bit of an overreaction, but I've experienced some fucked up things... Like, really fucked up.

I am not entirely sure what else to say. I am glad you do have a plan for college though, and I wish you the best through your journey known as life.
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I am glad you tossed your two cents in Amp, It was insightful. I have spoke some of my mind to my family but they are blinded by there ignorance/beliefs. I love my family but they are raciest, cold, and not very opened-minded. I understand why my mom is so so pushy about school and when I told her I was gay she overreacted a bit. She came around after a few week and got to talk to her a bit but she is so stubborn.. That is why I go to a shrink/therapist so I can speak my mind and tell them how I feel; but they probably will never except it. So all I can do is keep on going and get through the hard times and get to the good part of life..
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the future is always better than the past. with more time comes more resect, more problems solved and even more to look foward to. so whatever you go thought that is tough just remember that the future is better whenever you want it to be but also remember that in easy times you need to make things stay as well as you need.

thats the best thing i can say at 1 am.

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