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Sedra's Rant Thread
Really hope you guys are reading these. I don't get too much feedback here. But I still like to post them.
Check Your Privelege! (Not Our Double-Standards)
(Written on September 20th)

Hey, remember when I said I'd make more SJW rants?

There are quite a few things on my mind. But I'll tackle the first thing on my agenda: Race and "Privelege". Social Justice Warriors seem to have this constant, uneneding stigma against white males. They try to constantly out them as opressors. They act like every single caucasian is a member of the KKK. That being white automatically makes you racist... Hey... something sounds wrong about that, but I just can't put my finger on it...

So, privelege, as they call it. What is it? Well according to SJWs, if you're white, you've obviously had everything handed to you, being the superior race. You don't know what it's like to be opressed, so they're doing their best to opress you as a "How do you like it?" sort of argument. Additionally, being white means that you're automatically held guilty for all the crimes of your white ancestors. There have been recorded incidents of some black people going up to white people on the street, demanding money for all the unpaid work of the slaves... What the shit? The people you're harassing didn't force anyone to do that work. YOU didn't do that work. They owe you nothing.

Alright, so if it wasn't obvious enough, there are some clear double-standards with race issues. People claim to be against racism, but only racism against colored peopl- oh, sorry. "People of color". As if that's any different. Honestly, what isn't a slur these days? If it's racist to say "Black people" but not racist to say "White people", then there's clear hypocricy, and anyone can see that. Racism is, by definition, a belief that everyone of a certain race thinks the same, acts the same, or has some kind of ability that sets them apart from a race they think is superior. Look at SJWs. Making blanket statements like "All white people are racist"... what the fuck? That IS racist! You're making a generalized statement of an entire racial group with the intent of causing detriment to their reputation! In a bizarre twist of fate, the people you claim to be racist are getting discriminated against MORE by YOU! "White people never spice their food" is as racist a statement as "Black people love chicken and watermelons".

Privelege is an argument that gets tossed around a lot. the idea that you're not racist, sexist, homophobic (etc.) because of who you are as a person, you are because of who you're born as. "All white people are racist, all men are sexist, all cis people are transphobic, and all straight people are homophobic.". If you're born as a thing that SJWs hate, you're immediately shut down and told to check your privelege. Since apparently you have no right to your opinion if you're an "Opressor." If you're a white male that likes girls, and are confident in each of those facts, you're basically Satan to these people.

So why is all of this a thing? Why does opression keep playing into all of this when equality is very obviously apparent? Victim complexes. Virtue signalling. SJWs want to feel opressed, as crazy as that may sound. Being opressed gives them the feeling that they're doing something right by fighting back. They're creating a problem out of absolute nothingness. Don't you notice how they seem to be offended by the tiniest, most minute things? Hugh Mungus, and the hula girl ornament are prime examples.

Following the common trend of SJWs speaking for people who don't need their help, we have "Cultural Appropriation". More racism! Woohoo? So, the gist is that if you do something related to another race or country's culture, you're an irredeemable shitbag of a human. White people can't wear dreadlocks because it's APPROPRIATING BLACK CULTURE! Hey, there's some racism right there! You're saying that black people (And only black people) should have a certain hairstyle. It's kinda similar to how anyone trying to learn about Japanese culture is called a weeb. Look at the cultures being "Appropriated". Countries are happy to see other people embracing what makes them unique. How is that racist? How is that privelege?

I feel like I could've been a bit more indepth with this, but there's not too much more to talk about. More rants soonishly!
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

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