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minecraft server help - AlanTheDudeGuy - 07-04-2013


Me and a friend have a 24/7 minecraft server and has a few people that go on it and we really really need your help with votes on the server! This is because he is wondering if he should keep the server and he needs it to become more popular to keep it! I love the server and I desperately need your help to keep the server up!

Please join the server at: snip

I desperately want your help get anyone you know to vote it will help me a million please, every vote will help and count!


RE: minecraft server help - Nero35 - 07-04-2013

I joined the server, this is what i saw.
1st sight: storylike signs like an adventure map.
Pointless clay.
2 billion "You are not allowed to use/interract with *Insert anything here*" Messages
a Clearlag Sign
after that i just left.

RE: minecraft server help - Northir - 07-05-2013

no advertising k thanks bai