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Hello there,

Whether you're a new, or old member you must always follow the forum rules. Every site has rules, including 4Chan! Without rules people would go crazy posting anything they wish, which could be bad for all of us. So we have to enforce some rules to keep this site running nice and smooth, because no one wants to see old lady boobs when they open up a thread called "Free wireless mouse from Microsoft!".

Now, if you follow these rules as listed below you will be in the all clear, if you do happen to break some rules you with either be warned or banned; depending on how bad the infraction is. In most cases you may only get a warning, if your warning gets too high then all posts you make will need to be approved by an admin or mod. To make this less confusing I will keep the rules short, and try to explain them the best i can.
  • Don't spam the forum with junk.
This means your posts should be an actual post like this thread. No one wants to read posts like "OMG LOLZ I WINZ THE GAME!!!!", you will be warned for this, or banned if you did it multiple times. This includes chain letter style spam.
  • Don't post adult content.
This you will be banned for. So don't go around posting porn of any type, it's the law you need to be 18 or older to view porn on a site, and this site is targeted for 13 or older. Not only that, your required by law to have an adult warning (gateway) on the site if you have porn.
  • No warez, cracks, or serials.
You will be banned for this, we are not a pirating site therefor there is no need to post that here. If your linking someone to software link it to the store, not a illegal site. This includes asking for cracks, etc... don't do it.
  • Think before you post.
You should think about what you're going to post, flaming members will not be tolerated. You should also do your best to describe your post in the title. Posts that do not meet the forums quality will be locked, and you will be warned. Also try your best with grammar, we know not everyone is 100% perfect. Your posts should be more than five words, but a simple two word here and there is alright.
  • Do not advertise.
Your post will be deleted, and you will be banned. Simple as that.
  • Do not post pyramid/referral schemes.
Seriously, no one will give you a free iPod, HDTV, Xbox 360. It's all a scam, and you will be warned for this. This includes links that make money. If your link happens to be a referral to lets say a game, you MUST tell us, and include a non-referral link. In most cases users will click the referral link if you tell them it's a referral..
  • Do not mass post.
Do not post on mass amounts of posts on threads or single thread to gain rank. There is a questionable exception to this only if your posts are found useful and/or are always on topic. Mass posting includes reviving many old threads, multiple-posts in a row instead of using edit, and posting data to any form on the forums/site more then the limit.


I, DarkLight, take spam VERY serious. It pisses me off, so if you spam you WILL get banned.

If the spam is bad enough I WILL contact your ISP, ISPs have strict rules about spam. All I have to do is send over the logs, they review it and then your internet gets turned off for good. Surely you don't want that, I've done it before. Hopefully I won't have to do it to anybody from this forum.
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